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she's got beautiful eyes
❝and gives off the aura of an angel ❞
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27th-Jun-2009 06:32 pm - [03] Small Things
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni ➝ 3
K-ON! ➝ 2
Lucky Star ➝ 7
Shugo Chara ➝ 2
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ➝ 1
Toradora! ➝ 2
Total ➝ 17

Oh hai it's Nuki. :D; I'm not quite sure if I could even call this a batch of icons. More like an experiment dump. I've been messing around with photoshop again, and these are the final results. I think that this might be my colouring style for the time being unless I can come up with a better one. I'll try making a real icon post soon soon, whenever I can find me some more images. ^^;


Only three teasers cuz this post is just so smallCollapse )
23rd-May-2009 12:51 pm - [02] she's not into little boys
Kodomo No Jikan➝12
Maria Holic➝11
Stupid Text➝11
Gurren Lagann➝2
Kitchen Princess➝2
Lucky Star➝6

WARNING: Some of the following images may get you in trouble with "The Man" (or The Woman). Proceed with caution and beware of large boobs plus some Shojo-Ai-ish stuff.


Yeah I'm a little perv who really likes boobies. Although I'd have to say that Haruka's are almost too big even for me, they're still pretty nice. Haruka and Sela are my favourite characters. They're both so amusing~ Oh and don't ask me what I was smoking when I typed up those stupid text icons. I really don't know, myself.

And baby I hope you came preparedCollapse )
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